About Us

Every 2 seconds there is a new victim of identity theft.

Identity theft is one of the biggest threats to establishing a trustworthy digital identity and to the technology industry. Especially in the upcoming financial technology services industry, also known as FinTech, identity fraud is a major issue with at least 5% of first-time customers being fraudulent. Navigating the line between compliance with regulations and effective technical solutions continues to be a big challenge.

We developed a software that will help companies overcome these challenges, by offering an easier and more efficient way to verify their client’s location and spot fraud.

Unveiler allows mobile developers to collect the user’s sensor data, and more specifically the RAW GNSS measurements, as proof of their identity. This data is then verified in the Unveiler API and returned as a cryptographically Signed Claim.

Unlike competing solutions in the market our solution utilizes RAW GNSS measurements in the Android OS. By not using IP address detection or network detection our product is usable in real time and immediately available on a global scale.

The Team

Gijs Wissing


Gijs Wissing

Gijs is an entrepreneur with an engineering background. He has held various roles as an engineer and IoT scale up in tech companies. His expertise includes resolving production site problems, building automate support processes and increase robustness. His skills and abilities have particularly been demonstrated throughout numerous hackathons and have been essential in the creation of Unveiler.

He holds a bachelor’s in aerospace engineering and a master’s degree from EIT Digital Master school in the Autonomous systems.

Adriaan Knapen


Adriaan Knapen

Adriaan is a software engineer with a wide range of expertise in embedded software development, release and test automation, and software development culture. His primary interests revolve around delivering value through web-based applications, for which he can design, implement and maintain the frontend, backend and infrastructure of the solution. His work has been essential in building the Unveiler.

He holds a BSc in Software Science from Eindhoven University of Technology and a MSc in Cloud Computing & Services from the KTH.

Paul Barron


Paul Barron

Paul is an accomplished and insightful business founder and big company risk management executive with many years of leadership experience. His intuitive yet data driven approach which builds success through innovation, analytics and cross-functional collaboration has been proven successful. He lead’s Unveiler’s business strategy and the traction in the market.

Dafina Bucaj


Dafina Bucaj

Dafina is a seasoned legal expert in the privacy and cybersecurity domain. With more than 10 years of professional legal experience, being a trained lawyer, she possesses strong foundational knowledge combined with hands-on experience in the field of data privacy and security. She has held many adviser and expert level positions and has been repeatedly recognized for her expertise in law.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from University of Prishtina, a master’s degree in law from the University of Cambridge and is currently completing her Doctor of Juridical Sciences (JSD) Research degree focusing on the interaction between law, policy and technology.

She is passionate about the impact of new technologies in the social interconnections.